How to Get Your AmerizorbTM Products at No Cost.

Thanks to stronger state and local resolutions and ordinances, fire departments are now able to bill for the response to an at-fault incident. This is especially important in this age of tight budgets and resistance to tax levies.

That's why we've partnered with EF Recovery, a leader in fire department billing. They specialize in cost recovery billing for personnel, equipment and consumables and have reimbursed millions of dollars back to fire departments all across the country. Here's the great news: your department can use these recovered funds to directly purchase Amerizorb product. What's the advantage to you?

  • No out-of-pocket funds to get your Amerizorb product. EF Recovery recovers your funds and you use that money to purchase Amerizorb product. Your operating budget remains intact
  • Simple, automated claim entry. Use EF Recovery's easy-to-use smartphone/tablet application and claims are automatically created right from the field. EF Recovery does the rest of the work for you
  • Easy order placement. One phone call places your order using the funds EF Recovery has secured for you
  • Direct relief from constrained budgets